Carinthia – Ancient and modern cultural country

Carinthia has a wide quantity of art treasures and monuments and several cultural events enjoying constant popularity. Thanks to the cross of three different cultural spheres, the Germanic, the Slavic and the Roman, the Country is characterised by a rich cultural 1000 year history.

The outdoor archeological museums on Magdalensberg, in Teurnia near Spittal and on Hemmaberg reveal much about everyday life during the Roman age. In Carinthia there are more than 1000 churches, most of them already built in the Middle Age. The most famous churches built in romanesque style are St. Paul church and Millstatt church, besides the Gurk Cathedral, while lots of santuaries as the church of Maria Saal and the church of Maria Waitschach were built in gothic style. Carinthia has several beautiful strongholds and castles: among the others the Porcia castle in Spittal, the Hochosterwitz castle and the Landhaus in Klagenfurt were built in the 16th century.

The light of South, the charming view with mountains and lakes have always inspired the artists in Carinthia. Carinthia was the native land of important artists such as the Meister Thomas von Villach, Josef Ferdinand Fromiller, Switbert Lobisser e Markus Pernhart. In the 20th century many important painters of the modern classic style such as Herbert Boeckl and the Nötsch circle including the painters Sebastian Isepp, Anton Kolig, Franz Wiegele and Anton Mahringer are active in Carinthia. The city of Bleiburg celebrates Werner Berg “Carinthian by choice” by dedicating him a personal gallery. Among the contemporaneous Carinthian artists we remember Maria Lassnig, Arnulf Rainer, Giselbert Hoke, Valentin Oman, Hans Bischoffshausen, Hans Staudacher, Cornelius Kolig oder Kiki Kogelnik.

Carinthia is the Country of literature too. The Robert Musil Literature Museum is located in Klagenfurt, in the native house of the worldwide famous poet, considered the classical among the modern. Christine Lavant, Ingeborg Bachmann, Gert Jonke, Josef Winkler are people of letter with Carinthian origins. One of the most important events of the German literary scene: the Ingeborg Bachmann price takes its name just from Ingeborg Bachmann. Famous musicians such as Gustav Mahler, Johannes Brahms and Alban Berg compose important works on Wörthersee.

The custom traditions and the popular culture play an important role in Carinthia. Thousand of associations contribute to promote collective nature and the friendliness in the villages and in the regions.

The town theatre, the provincial museum, the Carinthian Museum of Modern Art, the Provincial Archive, the Provincial Conservatory, the School of Music, the Carinthian Musical Academy in Ossiach, the Robert Musil Literary Museum are important cultural structures of the Country. The Carinthian Summer festival in Ossiach is the most popular event. Popular summer theatrical plays take place at Petersberg in Friesach, in the Porcia castle in Spittal and in the courtyard of the Ebendorf monastery.