Landtag of Carinthia

For all the business not concerning the Country, the legislation of federal state of Carinthia is subject to the Landtag of Carinthia. The cabinet is made up of 36 members, who are elected for a 5 year term. The results of the last election occurred the 3rd of March 2013 were: 14 seats for the Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPÖ), 6 seats for freedom of Carinthia (FPK), 5 seats for the Austrian people’s party (ÖVP), 4 seats for the Greens, 4 seats for the team Stronach and 3 seats for Alliance for the future of Austria (BZÖ)

During the sessions of Landtag, the chairmanship is held by the first president (currently: Reinhard Rohr) or in his behalf by the second (Rudolf Schober) or the third (Josef Lobnig) president. Generally the Landtag meets once a month at the Landhaus in Klagenfurt for a public session. The main work of the members is distributed to ten committees of the Landtag.

The political controls at Landtag’s disposal are the interpellation right (possible requests to the members of the government), resolution right and inquiry right. As for the financial controls the court of auditors of the Land acts as control body.

Regional government of Carinthia

The executive body constitutes the board of the regional government of Carinthia, whose purpose is to execute the laws of the Land. The man responsible for the board is the state governor (Landeshauptmann - Dr. Peter Kaiser, SPÖ). He represents the Land in all the legal actions and controversies, acts as chairman of the regional government, is at the head of the regional government office and of the regional authorities and it is the representative of the indirect federal administration.

The other members of the board are: two substitutes of the governor (Dr. Beate Prettner, SPÖ, Dr. Gabi Schaunig, SPÖ) and four regional councillors (Mag. Christian Ragger, FPK, Dr. Wolfgang Waldner, ÖVP, Rolf Holub, Greens, Gerhard Körfer, Team Stronach). The board sessions take place every 14 days in the main government building at Klagenfurt Arnulfplatz.

The members of the regional government are elected by the Landtag:

The governor is elected by the majority system while the other members of the cabinet are elected by proportional system.